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Melanoma: What You Need to Know

Posted on 10 May 2022



May, being a cancer awareness month, perhaps explains the reason why efforts are being made by various health stakeholders and persons to create awareness of different types of cancers including melanoma. It is, indeed, important to understand the various aspects of the melanoma condition to help in comprehension and creating awareness. Being aware of this condition helps one to understand the various preventive measures to use, and at the same time, individuals suffering from melanoma can understand their condition and develop the best survival and coping tactics. Little Leaves Clothing Company, which has your health interest at heart takes part in enhancing awareness efforts by providing you with information meaningful in understanding the condition.

What Is Melanoma?

Melanoma is a type of cancer that affects the skin of an individual. It occurs as a result of cancerous growth leading to multiple growths of melanocytes. Thus, it is a condition that affects melanin, the skin coloring pigment.

How Can One Contracts Melanoma

Exposure to various risk factors associated with the condition: 

  • The risk factors include excessive exposure to the ultraviolet radiation (UV rays), particularly that of the sun that concentrates on the skin and penetrates the skin into the melanocytes triggering their excessive growth.
  • Genetic or family background also increases the chances of one's likelihood to develop this condition. Thus, it is important for one to be always on the lookout for the risk factors, particularly the UV radiation which in the notorious cause of the condition.
  • Moles are benign skin tumors. People with excessive number of abnormal moles and dysplastic nevi has high likelihood of developing the condition.
  • Fair or light skin complexion. People who have fair skins are likely to develop melanoma especially when they are exposed to UV rays, which alter skin.

ABCDE Rule in Understanding Signs of Melanoma

The signs and symptoms can be understood using the "ABCDE" rule or mole concept, as the changes of a mole within the skin are the very first signs of melanoma occurring.

  • Asymmetry. The shape of one half of the mole may be different from the shape of the other half.
  • Border. The edges of the mole and skin become rough, rugged, blurred, and even peel off easily.
  • Color. The mole portrays shades of black, tan, and dark brown with some areas being white and grey.
  • Diameter. The diameter of the moles experiences excessive growth beyond normal.
  • Evolving. The mole evolves with increasing actions as changes are seen in color, shape, and changing appearances on normal skin.




Avoid direct exposure to UV rays through methods such as applying sunscreen lotions, wearing huts, sunglasses and covering most parts of the skin when walking in direct sunshine. Also, conduct regular skin screening.



Skincare health is important for you to prevent occurrences of melanoma. For more information, contact us at Little Leaves Company to walk with you on the journey of preventing and coping with melanoma.



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