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UPF Clothing & Sunscreen: Why It's the Winning Combination

Posted on 22 April 2014

upf clothing and sunscreen for children

What are UPF Clothes

UPF clothes or sun protective clothing is specially designed clothing that work to block UV rays and protect your skin from sun damage. A fabric's Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) denotes its effectiveness in blocking ultraviolet radiation. A rating of 50 means that over 98% of ultraviolet radiation is blocked. Most traditional clothing has a UPF of less than 30. UPF clothing is revolutionizing the way we protect our skin and making it even more convenient for parents. With over 2 million people being diagnosed with skin cancer every year, it's time to get serious about sun exposure!

Sun Damage Accumulates...

Every time we step outside, our skin is exposed to harmful UV rays that cause wrinkles, sun damage and can lead to skin cancer. Even on a cloudy day in the fall or winter 80% of ultraviolet radiation (UV) from the sun penetrate through. Better yet, sun damage accumulates over your lifetime. Meaning prevention is key!  Sun protective clothes serve as a beneficial means to healthier skin and easy solution to skin cancer prevention. Which for parents, this means a useful alternative to sunscreen. 

The UPF Clothes & Sunscreen Combo

While UPF clothing provides a block from harmful sun rays and skin damage, to properly protect yourself and your children from sun damage would be to use sun protective clothing and sunscreen together. UPF clothes have the benefit of covering most of the body, leaving few areas to deal with gooey, temporary sunscreen. This is great news for any parent who knows all about the time it takes to continuously reapply sunblock on their children. Also, let's not forget the time it takes just to convince your kids to put on sunscreen in the first place. But now with sun protective clothes, you don't have to worry about so much time and mess in applying sunscreen. 

Sun Protective Clothing for Kids

Getting serious about sun expose means making healthy decisions for your children. Most children rack up a lot of their lifetime sun damage before the age of 18 ( Kidshealth.org). For this reason, it's important for parents to look for available options for UPF clothing, especially for play and swimwear for their kids. Keep your kids playing outside and rest easy knowing their protected. 

Interested in  UPF clothing for your children? Visit Little Leaves Clothing Company for a fun collection of sun protective clothing for boys & girls.

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