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3 Key Signs That Your Child Isn't Drinking Enough Water

Posted on 29 April 2014

3 Signs of Dehydration in Children

Parents know all too well that when playing outside, your children may forget to re-hydrate or bring a water bottle with them. Children do not realize that drinking water is very important and vital for our daily living. On a normal day, we lose almost all of our body water through various activities, such as sweat, tears, breathing, urine, etc. Water even evaporates from our skin when we're outside. So, how can you tell if your children are dehydrated? Lets take a look at 3 key signs of dehydration in children. 

1. Dry or Sticky Mouth

An easy sign of dehydration in children is dry or sticky mouth. Children with dry or sticky mouth will usually display white or frothy saliva or have dry, flaky lips. 

2. Dizziness or Fatigue

Older children typically complain feeling light-headed or dizzy if they're not drinking enough water. Also, children may become easily tired or fatigued throughout the day. 

3. Lack of Fluid

If your child displays little to no tears when crying, this is a clear sign of dehydration and you must advise them to drink more water. In addition, if your child has little urine when going to the bathroom, this is another direct sign of dehydration.

Taking notice of your children's drinking habits is a good way to monitor their water intake and making sure they are hydrated. Be pro-active and buy your child a water bottle to take to school with them, so they're not only relying on water fountains or vending machines at school. Drinking water is part of living healthy and is absolutely essential to our bodily functions. Be sure your children build good habits and drink water every day. 

Have any clever tips on reminding your children to drink water? Share your ideas and leave a comment. 

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