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Sun-Protective Clothing: Keep the Sun’s Rays at Bay While Your Children Play

Posted on 25 February 2023

Sun-Protective Clothing: Keep the Sun’s Rays at Bay While Your Children Play

Recess is a valuable and fun part of every school child's day. According to the CDC, recess provides your child with physical, social, and emotional benefits. As parents, we can fully appreciate these benefits when we know our children are safe from dangerous UV rays. You can maximize your child's sun protection by dressing them in sun-protective clothing.

Benefits of Sun-Protective Clothing vs. Sunscreen  

  1. All-day protection - You may think, "but I'm already putting sunscreen on my child before they go to school." However, did you know sunscreen typically only lasts a few hours? For most children, the sunscreen will have worn off by the time they head outdoors. Clothing, however, lasts all day!
  2. Hypoallergenic and chemical-free – Our sun-protective clothing has a UV protection (UPF) of 50+. In addition to this level protecting your child's skin from 98% of the sun's rays, it's also safe for children with sensitive skin.
  3. Convenience – When your little one is dressed in UV-protective clothing, you don't need to worry about packing a bottle of sunscreen or whether your child will remember to reapply it!
  4. Aesthetics – most sunscreens have a telltale odor that can discourage kids from reapplying on their own. At Little Leaves, we have a variety of sun-protective clothing that will keep your kiddo protected from the sun's rays without any chemical smells. 

At Little Leaves, we understand that your child's education also takes place outside of traditional school. That's why we provide options for all your educational activities. Whether you're sending your infant or toddler to daycare and need smaller sizes or homeschooling and you want to join them outside in our clothes for adults, we've got you covered!


You can rest easy when sending your kid off to school, knowing they're soaking up all that recess has to offer without any of the harmful sun's rays.











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