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How to Talk to Your Kids About Sun Protection the Right Way | Little Leaves Clothing Co

Posted on 20 September 2022


Sun safety is becoming increasingly important for everyone, and kids are no exception. Although modest amounts of sun exposure are essential for creating and synthesizing important vitamins like vitamin D, too much of a good thing can be detrimental. Learning how to frame your conversations about sun protection in a positive light will make this subject fun and interesting. You don't have to approach this serious subject matter with doom and gloom to get your point across. Here is how to effectively talk to your kids about sun protection.

Talk to Your Kids About Sun Protection and the Positive Aspects of the Sun

The sun is an important and obvious inescapable part of your child's reality. Too much talk of global warming and climate threats can make your child feel unsafe in their natural environment. It's far better to start discussions about the need for sun protection by telling your kid all about the many positive things that the sun does, including:

  • Help flowers, trees, and food grow
  • Provide natural light all throughout the world
  • Provide heat and warmth
  • Help humans and other animals process and create essential nutrients
  • Create a bright and uplifting atmosphere
  • Offer a clean, safe, and sustainable source of energy
  • Lastly, beam light through raindrops to create rainbows

If you have solar panels in your home, tell your child about how the sun helps power your appliances, lights, and devices. Tell your kids that the sun is both remarkable and powerful - because it is. Then explain that powerful things require protection. Just as someone working with power tools needs, gloves, goggles, and other safety apparel, people spending time in the sun need protection as well.

Make Easy-to-Understand Comparisons

The dangers of sun exposure are really all about getting too much of a good thing. Explain that while some sun exposure is good, too much is not. Ask your child to think about the last time that they had a really good time in the bath. Point out how after too much time in the tub they:

  • Get wrinkly, raisiny skin on their fingers and toes
  • Start to get cold
  • Stop enjoying themselves as much

Then, ask your child how they feel about their favorite food. Tell them to imagine what it would really be like to eat as much of their favorite food as they possibly could. There may be a time when your child insisted on having a second or even third scoop of ice cream, or when they went to a birthday party and indulged in too much cake. Tell your child that when the body gets too much of anything, it stops being and feeling good. This is how the sun works too.

Share Multiple Options in Sun Protection

For kids, putting on sun protection can actually be fun. If you've done your research, you know that there are many natural ways to keep your little one's skin protected. These can be used in conjunction with conventional sunblocks. You can also use one of the numerous recipes to make your own sunblock at home. However, if you prefer natural, homemade sunblocks to store-bought ones, mixing up a recipe together can be a fun and easy way to lighten up a heavy subject. Talk about sun hats, stylish sunglasses, and clothing that's designed to provide sun protection.

Give Your Kids a Sense of Control

As your child grows older, they'll have the opportunity to take control of this important aspect of their own self-care. Shop for sunblocks that are fun to apply or be sure to keep your homemade sunblock ready at hand. Make sure that your little one has several pairs of effective sunglasses. Also, ensure their warm-weather wardrobe is rich with fun, eye-catching options in sun protective clothing. When kids have options for taking care of themselves, they'll love the freedom and flexibility of being able to devise their own sun safety plans.

Talk to Your Kids About Sun Protection

To find out more about the benefits of sun protective clothing or to start shopping for gear that will keep your kids safe in all levels of sun exposure, get in touch with us today.

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