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7 Sun Protection Ideas for Smart Parents

Posted on 30 August 2022

It's summer! Time for bike rides and picnics, swimming, and sprinklers. Many parents look forward to summer, and to their kids spending as much time as possible outside enjoying the weather. As beautiful as sunny days are, the sun can also pose a danger to your kids in the form of UV radiation. Below you can find some great and easy ideas for sun protection for your kids!


1. Sunscreen for Sun Protection

This one's going to seem obvious, but you may not know a few things about sunscreen. Sunscreen works best when applied 10-15 minutes before going out. So, if you're going to the pool or beach, lather up before you leave instead of when you get there. Multiple applications also help as sunscreen gets washed off. Make sure you're using at least a 30 SPF broad-spectrum product and applying it evenly on the skin. Sprays are ok, just have your little one hold their breath when spraying so they don't inhale harmful toxins. Worried about Vitamin D? Don't worry - even with sunscreen on, you can absorb beneficial Vitamin D from the sun.

2. Hats Offer Sun Protection

Wide-brimmed hats for the win! Bucket or wide-brimmed hats are best as they cover the face, ears, and neck. Everyone knows kids (especially under 5) hate hats. Well, most kids. But for your littler kiddos, grab a hat with a chin tie and you (and they) are covered!

3. Shade

Headed out for a picnic? Looking for chairs by the pool? Try to find a spot in the shade. No shade to be found? Pitch a tent! Pop-up sun shelters work especially well at the beach or a campsite. Many baby floating devices also come with a small canopy to provide them shade while in the water. 

4. Protective Clothing

It may seem counterintuitive on a hot day, but covering your skin when you're out in the sun is a surefire way to protect it. Have you ever noticed that people in very hot desert countries tend to be covered head-to-toe? That's because they've learned over hundreds of years that skin protection beats cool comfort every time! Now, does that mean your child should bundle up for sun protection for a summer hike? Not at all. But try to use rash guards for swimming, and lightweight clothing that covers up as much skin as possible when you are outside.

5. Don’t Go Out When the Sun Is Highest

Trying to decide when to go to the pool? Scheduling your summer fun around grocery shopping or baby's nap can be tough. But, whenever possible, try to schedule your outings in the morning or late afternoon/evening when the UV rays are a little weaker.

6. Sunglasses Offer Sun Protection for Your Eyes

Did you know your child can damage their eyes permanently from too much sun exposure? Many parents don't. Get your kids some sunglasses and protect their eyes while also letting them look super cool!

7. Don’t Let the Clouds Fool You

It's easy to remember to stay out of the sun when you feel your skin crisping up under those burning hot rays. But what about cloudy days? Even though you can't feel the sun on your skin, those UV rays are still doing their work. So, even on overcast days, be sure to use the last 6 tips for sun protection!

Learn More About Sun Protection

There are plenty of ways to protect your kids while giving them the best summer ever! Even if you apply just a few of these ideas, your kids will be more protected this summer. Set a good example for them by doing these things yourself. And above all, have fun!

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