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Researchers are Close to Melanoma Cure

Posted on 05 April 2015

melanoma cure

By teaching the body to heal itself, researchers discover a new way to tackle melanoma.

Researchers with the Huntsman Cancer Institute 1 have discovered a way to stop melanoma, one of the deadliest forms of skin cancer, according to Utah news source KSL 2.

By injecting a mutated cold and herpes virus directly into the skin lesions caused by melanoma, they have been able to stop the cancer in its tracks by teaching the body to heal itself.

Dr. Robert Andtbacka, one of Huntsman's leading oncologists explains.“The altered cold and herpes virus activates the immune system to fight melanoma, not only where the cells are injected, but also at distant sites. So it educates the patient's immune system to kill any melanoma cells that may be elsewhere in the body ."

An amazing aspect of the new treatment is that there are no devastating side effects, like those caused by chemotherapy.

67 year old Larry Hegland, was battling an advanced stage of melanoma when he entered the clinical trial."It's a miracle as far as I'm concerned, because I thought I was dying — and I was," said Hegland. "They saved my life."

The new cancer-fighting protocol was refined at the Huntsman Cancer Institute over the last couple of years. Researchers said that currently 60 percent of those receiving the new treatment have seen dramatic reversals in their conditions, and many have been declared cancer-free.

Researchers believe as the process is refined, they may eradicate melanoma altogether.

Over the past three decades, more people have been diagnosed with skin cancer than all other cancers combined .

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