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Here Comes the Sun: 10 Reasons Grandparents Should Use Sun Protection

Posted on 13 December 2022

Grandparenthood is a gift and a responsibility. It's your chance to be silly, get messy, roughhouse, cuddle and connect. It's also your cue to double down on your efforts to protect your own health and well-being. As you plan trips to the park, beach, or farmers' market with your grandkids, you'll likely take measures to protect them from the sun. But, you need protection too. Here are 10 reasons grandparents should use sun protection. 

1. Sun Exposure Affects the Skin’s Appearance

UV light from the sun breaks down elastin, the elastic tissue that keeps your skin looking smooth, soft, and robust. At this stage of life, when your skin is already more compromised,  overexposure to the sun can further promote wrinkles, age spots, stretching, sagging, and blotchiness. Do what you can to slow the aging process.

2. Overexposure Increases the Risk of Skin Cancer

According to WebMD, UV radiation is the leading cause of pre-cancerous growths and full-fledged skin cancer. You may have had some nasty burns as a child or teenager, which increased your risk for skin cancer as an adult. Every deep tan or sunburn you experience now actually increases that risk. 

3. Sunburn Harms...and Hurts

Apart from the very serious health risks associated with sun overexposure, the short-term effects can be pretty unpleasant. Even a mild sunburn can be painful, causing the skin to turn red, hot to the touch, and tender. Further, serious burns can cause swelling, blistering, and peeling of the skin, as well as headache, fever, nausea, and fatigue, all of which can be avoided with proper sun protection.

4. Compromised Immunity 

As you age, your immune system becomes less hearty, and your body loses its natural ability to fight infections. A serious burn now can leave your skin vulnerable to the nasty effects of such an infection.  

5. Grandparents Should Use Sun Protection Because Their Skin Is Thinner

Over time, skin loses its natural fat and water reserves, which means harmful UV rays can penetrate the skin more easily and more deeply than they did in your youth. As a result, you need more protection now than ever before.

6. Age-Related Illness Can Affect the Skin

Age-related conditions and illnesses, such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity can affect blood flow. In turn, poor blood flow affects the skin's ability to heal itself. If you have a chronic health condition, be aware of how it might affect your skin, and take steps to protect yourself. 

7. Warmer Climates Can Be a Danger

If you're retired and have made the move to a warmer climate, you'll likely spend more time in the sun than you did when you were younger. If that's the case, you need to up your use of sunscreen and UV-protective clothing on a regular basis.

8. Grandparents Should Use Sun Protection Because They Have More Time on Their Hands

Whether you enjoy short bouts in your garden or long, leisurely Wednesday afternoons by the pool, the effects of sun exposure can be harmful. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, occasional, brief bursts of overexposure and repetitive, prolonged exposure are similarly damaging to the skin. If you're outside more than you used to be, UV protection should become your battle cry.

9. Exposure

To environmental hazards, that is. Face it, as a mature adult, you've been around. Over the course of your lifetime, your skin has been unwittingly exposed to first- or second-hand cigarette smoke, pollution, cleaning agents, and other environmental hazards that have taken a toll. Don't compound the problem by leaving yourself exposed to UV radiation.

10. Grandparents Should Use Sun Protection to Educate Their Grandchildren

Don't minimize the impact you can have on the next generation. Hold yourself up as a supreme example of someone who understands the danger of sun exposure and takes it seriously. Your grandchildren will learn a valuable lesson about taking personal responsibility for their own health and well-being. Let them benefit from your wisdom.

Learn More About Why Grandparents Should Use Sun Protection

If you were reckless in the sun as a teenager, don't assume there's no point in being careful today. It may be true that the damage you did in your youth can't be reversed, but decisions today can make a difference. Don't take additional risks. Take care of your skin by avoiding outings at the hottest time of the day and by wearing sunscreen and protective clothing when you do go out. For information about Little Leaves Clothing Company and our special line of UV-protective clothing, contact us.


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