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Cloudy Day? Here’s Why You Should Apply Sunscreen Anyway

Posted on 09 October 2019

Cloudy Day? Here’s Why You Should Apply Sunscreen Anyway


By Jane Ward



Let’s get one thing straight: wearing sunscreen to avoid tanning is a myth. Sunscreen is designed to protect your skin from ultraviolet (UV) rays, but it will not prevent it from producing melanin, which is what makes your skin darker. So regardless of the weather, the skin still absorbs UV radiation from the sun, which can lead to damaged skin cells. Yes, even on winter mornings (more on that in our previous post on ‘Winter Sun SPF Myths - What You Need to Know’). Taking simple steps to protect yourself is becoming even more important as more people are diagnosed with life threatening illnesses. Research published on Maryville University highlights how half the U.S. population will suffer from a chronic illness by 2025. Many of these illnesses will be due to people not taking proper care of themselves, and is therefore preventable. From sunburn to skin cancer, sun-related diseases are some of the easiest to avoid. And the best way to protect yourself is to apply sunscreen even when you don’t think you need to.


Still not convinced? Well, sunscreen has plenty of other benefits that you should know about. Read on to know some of them.


Keeps your complexion even


Not everybody is blessed with porcelain-clear skin. Typically, getting an even complexion requires the application of skin care products contain glycolic acid or topical vitamins C and E, which help minimize the production of melanin. But for better results, use sunscreen to go along and help spots from darkening. What's more is that minimizing your skin’s exposure to UV rays can also prevent skin flare-ups from ever occurring, helping you maintain a smoother canvas.


Prevents premature aging


Prolonged UV exposure can cause wrinkled, premature and aging skin. While many people turn to anti-aging products like retinol, there's no better cure than prevention — and sunscreen does just that. By protecting the skin from UV rays, it stops wrinkles in its tracks. True enough, a study published on the Annals of Internal Medicine found that those who regularly applied broad-spectrum sunscreen showed less signs of aging than those who didn’t.


Regulates body temperature


Being able to regulate body temperature is one of the lesser known benefits of sunscreen. In an article on Bicycling.com, it is noted that unprotected skin typically shows deficiency in nitric oxide, or the compound that helps you small blood vessels to relax and widen. This suggests that sunscreen has the potential to regulate body temperature, increase blood flow, and lower blood pressure. In other words, it keeps you cool.


Reduces risk of cancer


Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the US. Though sunscreen can’t protect you from all types of skin damage, it significantly reduces your risks of developing squamous cell carcinoma – a common type of non-melanoma skin cancer that starts from the cells of the skin. Further research has shown how 9 out of 10 recorded cases of non-melanoma skin cancer are associated with prolonged exposure to UV radiation.


Makes your skin healthier


Most sunscreen contains moderate levels of skin protein, such as keratin and elastin. Keratin, for example, is what forms the “barrier” around the skin, making it nice and firm. Elastin on the other hand, is what prevents the skin from wrinkling and sagging. Both are necessary to keep your largest organ healthy, smooth, and radiant.


Sun damage is the type to accumulate the longer it goes untreated, so protecting your skin shouldn’t stop after summer. The sun doesn’t choose when and where it sends down its UV rays. As long as it's daytime, consider sunscreen a non-negotiable.


for littleleaves.com written by Jane Ward

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