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Clothing for Sensitive Skin Helps Alleviate Irritation

Posted on 03 April 2014

clothing for sensitive skin

Although contact dermatitis can occur at anytime, outbreaks can be worse during the summer months. There are several reasons why this happens to individuals with known skin sensitivities. Here’s a look at some of those reasons and how wearing clothing for sensitive skin may help those prone to such outbreaks feel better.

Contact dermatitis comes in two main forms: irritant contact dermatitis and allergic contact dermatitis. Both are caused by exposure to specific irritants and can result in uncomfortable, annoying rashes. The major difference between the two conditions is that one of them is antigen specific and the other is not.

So which elements frequently cause outbreaks of contact dermatitis to occur and intensify? Understandably, the list of potential, seasonal irritants is long and varied. However, some of the most common causes are exposure to seasonal flora, airborne pollen, sunshine, garden pesticides and pool chemicals. Exposure to high heat, humidity, sweat, friction and certain clothing may cause individuals to experience skin problems too. That’s where buying hypoallergenic and tagless clothing for sensitive skin may help.

Clothing for sensitive skin is typically made without known irritants like formaldehyde finishing resins, tanning agents, nickel fasteners and chemical additives. Little Leaves sun protective clothing for sensitive skin is hypoallergenic and competely chemical free,  UPF 50+, lightweight, loose fitting, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and moisture whicking. Because of that, the person wearing the clothing is less likely to be exposed to potential irritants.

Little Leaves clothing was developed by a dermatologist & skin cancer specialist and pediatrician to protect their family and yours with hypoallergenic fabric with sensitive skin conditions in mind.

Shop Little Leaves clothing for your family today!

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