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5 Weird Sunburn Locations

Posted on 30 July 2014

5 weird sunburn locations

If you've got some outdoor time coming, make sure to protection the weird places you need sunscreen that aren't exactly obvious. Did you know even your fingernails can get sunburned?

Logically, these unusual sunburn locations are also highly susceptible to skin cancer, so be vigilant!

1. Top of the Feet

weird sunburn location top of feet

If you wear sandals, or run around sans shoes, don’t forget to rub them down with sunscreen all the way past the ankles, over the tops of the feet and toes.

I learned this lesson the hard way when I went walking on the beach 8 months pregnant. Everything was protected, except the top of my feet. And the resulting burn made my feet swell so badly that I couldn't walk on them for almost a week!

2. Tops of the Ears

weird sunburn location top of ears

If you're outside, your ears are taking a direct hit from the sun’s rays. This can happen even if you're wearing a hat, unless your ears are tucked in at all times and the hat has a UPF rating of Excellent.

3. Back of The Neck

weird sunburn locations back of neck

It’s easy to forget the back of the neck especially after you’ve applied to the face, the arms, the legs, the back and torso (if shirtless). And if you have long hair, it might not even occur to you to apply to the back of the neck.

4. Scalp

weird sunburn locations scalp

You mean our hair doesn’t protect against the sun? Not as much as we would like! Your head can burn causing redness and itchiness! Best to wear a hat or apply a thin layer of sunscreen to your head.

5. Eyes and Eyelids

weird sunburn locations eyelids

The corneas of your eyes can get sunburned, and in some people, cause permanent damage. The delicate eyelid skin is thinner than most skin, making it more sensitive to damaging UV rays. The best type of protection for your eyes and eyelids on your eyelids are sunglasses that block UVA and UVB rays.

Protect yourself and your family with a combination of sun protective clothing-the most convenient and effective form of sun protection, sunglasses and wide brim hats! Also, limit your outdoor time when possible, avoiding 10am-3pm when the suns rays are at their peak.

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